Monthly Archive: August 2010


No Sell-Out Of Our Port!

ARC Group success underscores why Auckland’s publicly owned Port must not be privatised  The ARC Group (ARC, ARH and ARTA) has had an extremely successful period chalking up major strategic achievements.  On top of the political successes of...


Welcome Speech for the Korean Navy

Anyeong hashimnigga, iarobun Aucklandé oshin kozui.  Hanyeong hamnida   I wish to acknowledge Mr. Young-geol Kim, Consul-General of the Republic of Korea in Auckland; Captain Dean McDougall, Captain Fleet Operational Support RNZN; Mr. Jim Newman,...


ARC Beats Rent Hike

A thirty-seven percent rent hike on the Auckland Regional Council’s Pitt Street offices from 1 February 2009 has been averted by Chairman Mike Lee’s insistence that the increase was too high to be justified....